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2  OCTOBER  2021

SHARKMAN is a TRIATHLON cross over atypical distance:

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Tiger Shark

1km Swim | 30km Cycle | 10km Run

Swim, cycle, run. Immerse yourself in the clear waters of Cattolica at the foot of Mount San Bartolo and enjoy a breathtaking view at the first light of the morning. Explore the landscape of the Valconca, at a time of a fun route along the rolling hills of Romagna. Get your fill of sport and nature: enjoy the blue sea and the splendid landscapes, breathe the scent of the bush and let yourself be caressed by the wind during the pleasant descents. Wide green meadows, fun single tracks under the trees, challenging climbs overlooking the sea: an incredible path for a truly thrilling experience!

Bull Shark

2km Swim | 60km Cycle | 20km Run

Double your challenge. Test your passion for triathlon with a truly incredible race: 2km swimming, 60km cycling and 20km running. Swim in the crystal clear waters of the Cattolica sea and cycle towards unexplored landscapes and dirt paths, in the heart of the Conca Valley. Challenge yourself and experience the best of sport in one of the most beautiful settings in Romagna. Enjoy breathtaking views, breathe the scent of nature and tackle one of the most challenging and fun trails ever!





Seven days of sport, nature and fun, in one of the most beautiful settings in Romagna.
This is Shark Sport Week, the first Italian event dedicated to triathlon lovers, but not only. A unique opportunity in which the adrenaline of sports competition is combined with the pleasure of discovering one of the most evocative territories of Emilia Romagna.

Shark Sport Week is a real multisensory experience, thanks to which you can test yourself, have fun and learn about the wonders of Valconca. Swim in the splendid waters of Cattolica at the foot of Mount San Bartolo and immerse yourself in nature aboard a mountain bike, discovering breathtaking landscapes and views.

Food and wine tours, visits to theme parks and the Cattolica Aquarium: Sharkman is also an opportunity to experience a unique and exciting holiday with your family, discovering the Romagna Riviera as you have never seen it before.

Programma shark Sport Week

Lunedì 27 settembre

11:30Inaugurazione della Shark Sport Week con le autorità e lo staff Sharkman
14:30Registrazione partecipanti Shark Sport Week
15:00Briefing di presentazione attività delle giornate e dello staff

Martedì 28 settembre

07:30Risveglio muscolare – yoga con Yana Savechko
09:30Partenza corsa alla scoperta del territorio e del percorso gara
20:00Cena con tutti i partecipanti della Shark Week in locale convenzionato

Mercoledì 29 settembre

10:30Prova del percorso gara in mare seguiti dai coach in SUP
16:00Esercizi di attivazione con foam roller, tecnica e corsa facile lungo il fiume Conca insieme agli ambassador

Giovedì 30 settembre

10:00Apertura segreteria per consegna pettorali
11:00Partenza pedalata alla scoperta del territorio e del percorso gara (e-bike, MTB, gravel) con assistenza dell’organizzazione

Venerdì 01 ottobre

10:00Apertura segreteria per consegna pettorali
10:00Apertura expo
18:00Briefing e aperitivo esclusivamente per i vincitori del contest con Justine Mattera, Jenny Fletcher e Yana Savechko

Sabato 02 ottobre

07:06Partenza BULL SHARKMAN   
08:00Partenza TIGER SHARKMAN
17:00Premiazioni di entrambe le gare         

Bike With Jennifer

Discover the unique landscape of the Conca Valley and immerse yourself in nature aboard an e-bike together with our ambassadors. Get on your bike and ride every morning to the wonders of the area, in the company of the cycle-tour guide Jennifer Scadassa. Live a unique experience discovering breathtaking views and the incredible flavors and typical products of the Romagna area.

Yoga With Yana

Experience sport and relax with Yana, yoga and pilates instructor. Train your body, open your mind for the race and let yourself be overwhelmed by the great passion of this fantastic teacher. FIPE certified personal trainer, Yana Savechko has been practicing athletics for seven years. Also passionate about triathlon, Yana has been doing sports since she was only 3 years old.

Training Camp

Challenge yourself and test yourself with the triathlon training camp in the company of Nicholas, Francesco and Naciketa. The three professionals of the triple will be at your complete disposal for four days of training, sport and lots of fun. Not only that, you can visit theme parks, taste the best local delicacies and explore incredible itineraries aboard our e-bikes. Enjoy the wonders of the Conca Valley, discovering scenic roads and dirt bike paths, away from the traffic and chaos of the city, in the heart of Romagna's history and nature.